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SEOWUKONG (搜悟空) is a china-oriented full service SEO company that helps the international brands to increase their visibilty in chinese search engines.

Based on the talented team at People squared in ShangHai– a co-working space center,  SEOWUKONG supplies the china SEO service  to the international companies which intent to approach the chinese market .

China’s internet market is booming, howerver entering chinese internet world is not as easy as it sounds, the barriers are omnipresent such as the language, the culture, the different thinking method of web users. Thus, doing the China SEO could be a solution.

Our expericend skill adapted to chinese search engines market will be a big support for your projects.

We supply a series of services about SEO which will realy help you to obtain a better perfomance in this field.

people squaredPeople squared


people squared2People squared is a mordern co-working center located in ShangHai, which aims to help the start-ups to succeed in their projects.

Sharing and exchange are the core value of people squared.

SEO Expertise

SEO China

Doing business in China needs some advice about this market, Chinese SEO is one of the most useful marketing strategy that you shouldn’t ignore. Our expertise in China SEO will help you to maximize your SEO ROI through a scientific method which implicated in the keyphrase analysis , on-page optimization, off-site link building and also China social culture trends.

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Baidu SEO

Baidu is the the most important search engine in China, Compared to SEO on Google, baidu SEO is very special and hard. SEO on baidu is generally more complicated because the chinese websites have some special points to consider and the competition is generally more intense . Our indeed understanding of baidu SEO will help you to open the window of opportunity


360 Haosou SEO

As the second largest search engine in China, 360 haosou should be on your watch list when you want to acquire a better performance in chinese online market. 360 haosou has included numerous features for improving the user experience and promote the company performance, the industry health, haosou covered even more market share in search volume.


Tmall SEO

If you decide to set up a shop on Tmall, you should think about how customers will find you. Tmall has its own search algorithm which is different from Google or Baidu, therefore, we have a special service called Tmall SEO which is based on keywords , sales volume, page view ,etc. our Tmall SEO service aims at imporving your ranking in tmall search results .


China social media

China has its own domestic popular social media such as youku, weichat, xina weibo and QQ. China’s social media platforms and online behaviors vary in important ways from those that may be considered their international equivalents. Our SEO service cover the apect of social media expansion and china social media marketing.

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Shopping search engine optimisation

Seowukong is specialized on Chinese SEO, we can help all type of company to get a online performance ,shopping search engines is a key factor to bring some valuable traffic for your e-commerce website , the algorithme of shopping search engine is quite different from those of baidu and haosou..



SEO strategy

Our mission is to help you to increase the visibility of your brand in chinese search engine.Based on our experenced skills on chinese search engines. We could give you the right direction to go on.We can offer you a strategy on SEO projet which should be relevant to your companay culture , your goal and your limits.


SEO Technical Audit

The algorithms of baidu are different from the googles’.We can help you to understand the factors that matter on Baidu , Such as the baidu indexation, the baidu robots and the baidu’s page rank .The technique SEO will permit you have a global view of your important point about your website.

Website' structure and landing page

The structure of the website can affect seriously the result of search engine.Due to the difference of culture, language and searching method, the structure for the chinese site should be designed in the way to be harmonic with « chinese style ». We have a specifique method called « the triology » to do that .


Keywords analysis

We use several efficient tools to collect keywords data from the principal chinese search engine such as Baidu and 360 haosou .With the accurate keyword data available, We can enumerate the trends, the difficulty of the optimization about the keywords . And give you a intelligent technique for the choice of the keywords.


Monitoring and support

We offer the monitoring and support service in order to establish a long term relationship with the client; We help you to analyze the changes made in days , we do the report, and identify new opportunities for you.


Netlinking and virtual credibility

The credibility is one of the most important factor that affect the result of search engine.We know how to use the chinese social medias like weibo, wechat to increase your popularity.We can also find the qualified extern link to increase your reputation with baidu.


Sylvain GARIN

CEO- SEO Expert

Jerome DUBAR

SEO & SEM Expert

Pierre Monclin

SEO  projet manager


Yuxiao ZHANG

Chinese SEO manager


Case study





Orao is a native French sunglasses brand. As its brand culture emphasizes the sportive element, we linked more the use of sunglasses with the sport theme in the french website. As a lot of the french people have the demand of sportive sunglasses , so the french version website design is very reasonable.

However, after a lot of data analysis, we found that the chinese  are different from the french in the recognition of the sunglasses’ use .

Firstly, the chinese do not have so much demand for sports sunglasses,the keywords research in relevant fields are low. If we continue the way in France , the website’s traffic won’t be as much as we wish.

This discovery forces us to find another way to introduce the products , the website’s structure should be changed appropriately.




According to our research, the chinese pay very attention to their face type , they choose thier accessoires and do their hairstyles to match to their face type. The sunglasses are often considered as a sort of  decorative item to harmonize the apparence.

Based on this clue,we recommend ORAO add a new category to the original structure of website, which is to guide the customers to choose the sunglasses according to their face type .



The cultural difference is a big barrier for the western company to enter the chinese market, but while we understand, it can be also a breakthrough .







aptonia logo


Aptonia is a French sports nutrition brand. Mainly engaged in sports nutrition supplements, protein, sports drinks and sports protective equipement.

The terms related to Aptonia’s  products are various, which is not a difficulty for the french people as it is expressed in french , but when the names translated in chinese, it seems obscure.

Take the sports drinks for exemple, in the french market the products are classified with its major elements, but when these elements are translated in chinese , as it is so obscure that there is not so many requestes in the search engine.


As the chinese people don’t have a precise classification for the sports drinks, we suggest to associate the tast with the drinks . In a market saturated, the tast of the drink can be a lever to distinguish a brand among their competitors

In addition, we found that the weight loss diet is also a hot topic in china. They interested in the sports nutrition products which can lead un weight loss effect. So we recommend aptonia to creat a special categorie about the lean gamme product, which will contribute to the organic traffic in search engins.




The knowledge of the thrends  is the key factor to succeed in chinese market







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