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Who we are? 

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SEOWUKONG (搜悟空) is a china-oriented full service SEO company that helps the international brands to increase their visibilty in chinese search engines.

Based on the talented team at People squared in ShangHai– a co-working space center,  SEOWUKONG supplies the china SEO service  to the international companies which intent to approach the chinese market .

China’s internet market is booming, howerver entering chinese internet world is not as easy as it sounds, the barriers are omnipresent such as the language, the culture, the different thinking method of web users. Thus, doing the China SEO could be a solution.

Our expericend skill adapted to chinese search engines market will be a big support for your projects.

We supply a series of services about SEO which will realy help you to obtain a better perfomance in this field.

people squaredPeople squared


people squared2People squared is a mordern co-working center located in ShangHai, which aims to help the start-ups to succeed in their projects.

Sharing and exchange are the core value of people squared.

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