Baidu’s star product – Baidu Knows and Baidu baike

Baidu’s basic function is to solve the user’s knowledge needs, so most of the people use Baidu to find information. Baidu Wikipedia and Baidu Knows are the two principals platforms which meet the knowledge needs.

What the difference between them?

Baidu knows called Baidu Zhidao in chinese, is a search-based interactive quiz sharing platform, on Baidu knows, the users ask questions according to their needs, motivate the other users to resolve the issue by integrating the reward systems. Meanwhile, the answers to these questions will be used further as search results to other users with similar questions, which promotes the effect of sharing knowledge.

Baidu Wikipedia (Baidu baike)  is a free open content online encyclopaedia , lauched by baidu, and controlled by baidu. It is a Chinese information collection platform that aims to create a knowledge covering all fields.

What’s the interest to use baidu knows?

 brand promotion

Helping others can always be an effective way to attract attention and build a reputation. By answering the questions related to your industry and giving detailed and helpful answers ,you can win both appreciation and potential customers.


When you are answering people’s questions, you can also leave the domain of your website as a reference to promote your websites, which is beneficial for your Baidu SEO efforts.

As baidu knows is baidu’s internal product, generally, the answers adopted has a better presence on the SERP. Therefore, baidu know is idea place to build your brand Image.


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