Baidu SEO- link building

We are all conscious of the difference between baidu and Google on SEO. But what is exactly the difference and how does it influence the SEO ? The  difference between them is reflected in many aspects, but we focus on the indexation and backlinks.

NO.1   Indexed pages

It is easy for Google to index the pages of your website, even some of your unexpected page. In contrast, it is difficult to know how baidu index the pages, through our observation, we found that the number of indexed pages in Baidu is unstable. sometimes, it increases and sometimes, it decrease.

NO.2  The difference on backlinks

Baidu emphasise the text links, Google emphasise the anchor links.

when we are building the links , if you prioritize the baidu optimisation, you should add more text links into different pages such as the homepage, the category pages, the article page, etc.

NO.3  Keyword ranking difference

It is very difficult to have a good keyword ranking by the method of content in Baidu, especially for the small website. That is different from the ranking regular in Google. Google prioritize the content quality, especially the original content.

We suggest to optimize the keyword by the category page or special page rather than using the article pages. Doing the title optimization and link building in these destination pages help you to gather rapidly some reputation and then contribute to the page ranking.

In conclusion ,  if you want to do SEO in Baidu, more time and more technique are necessary , for baidu, the indexation of your website and the ranking of the keywords depends on the backlinks obtained , it is also important to choose a appropriate domain name.

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