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Orao is a native French sunglasses brand. As its brand culture emphasizes the sportive element, we linked more the use of sunglasses with the sport theme in the french website. As a lot of the french people have the demand of sportive sunglasses , so the french version website design is very reasonable.

However, after a lot of data analysis, we found that the chinese  are different from the french in the recognition of the sunglasses’ use .

Firstly, the chinese do not have so much demand for sports sunglasses,the keywords research in relevant fields are low. If we continue the way in France , the website’s traffic won’t be as much as we wish.

This discovery forces us to find another way to introduce the products , the website’s structure should be changed appropriately.




According to our research, the chinese pay very attention to their face type , they choose thier accessoires and do their hairstyles to match to their face type. The sunglasses are often considered as a sort of  decorative item to harmonize the apparence.

Based on this clue,we recommend ORAO add a new category to the original structure of website, which is to guide the customers to choose the sunglasses according to their face type .



The cultural difference is a big barrier for the western company to enter the chinese market, but while we understand, it can be also a breakthrough .







aptonia logo


Aptonia is a French sports nutrition brand. Mainly engaged in sports nutrition supplements, protein, sports drinks and sports protective equipement.

The terms related to Aptonia’s  products are various, which is not a difficulty for the french people as it is expressed in french , but when the names translated in chinese, it seems obscure.

Take the sports drinks for exemple, in the french market the products are classified with its major elements, but when these elements are translated in chinese , as it is so obscure that there is not so many requestes in the search engine.


As the chinese people don’t have a precise classification for the sports drinks, we suggest to associate the tast with the drinks . In a market saturated, the tast of the drink can be a lever to distinguish a brand among their competitors

In addition, we found that the weight loss diet is also a hot topic in china. They interested in the sports nutrition products which can lead un weight loss effect. So we recommend aptonia to creat a special categorie about the lean gamme product, which will contribute to the organic traffic in search engins.




The knowledge of the thrends  is the key factor to succeed in chinese market







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