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Baidu SEO- link building

We are all conscious of the difference between baidu and Google on SEO. But what is exactly the difference and how does it influence the SEO ? The  difference between them is reflected in many aspects, but we focus on the indexation and backlinks.

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Baidu’s star product – Baidu Knows and Baidu baike

Baidu’s basic function is to solve the user’s knowledge needs, so most of the people use Baidu to find information. Baidu Wikipedia and Baidu Knows are the two principals platforms which meet the knowledge needs.

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Post baidu- one of baidu’s star product

Post baidu is actually called Baidu Post bar, the world’s largest Chinese forum.  Baidu post bar’s mission is to make the people having the same interests get together  and express their mind freely .Baidu Post bar is also one of the favourite social media in China.

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Baidu’s White Paper about website page quality

A web page’ quality is the ability to meet the needs of user’s measure, it is an important basis to determine the results of the search engine ranking. On the basis of the relevance between the page content and user needs, if the content is complete, if the page is beautiful, if it is a user- friendly, whether the source is from the authoritative professional and other factors, which together determine the page’s quality level.

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China Search Engines

When we talk about the SEO in China, we should firstly focus on the Chinese search engines in the market.

In China, for some raison, Google is blocked since 2010, as a result, the Chinese people can not use Google unless using a VPN, the market share of Google is very tiny .

The domestic Chinese search engines take the opportunity to develop. Today, in China serach engine market, we have 3 geants which are : Baidu, 360 so, and Sogou. We give you below a market share graph to show you how the 3 search engines perform in Chinese serarch engine markets.

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Wechat: from emotional to commercial


“Wechat is a famous chinese social media, with a huge users and high popularity, wechat is becoming more and more popular not only in China but also in abroad.Wechat is a integrated platform, we can use it to communicate with the friends, we also use it to purchase , to promote and to advertise. What the change of wechat can bring for us today? ”  

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SEO in China: by the siege tactic?

“When we do SEO for a website, is it limited to make the keywords in the first ranking? Absolutely not, especially for the corporate websites, our mission is not only to make the keywords in the front of the ranking, but also contribute to the brand recognition.

Most of the corporate’s websites  has only hundreds visitors every day, among the the visitors , there is  the traffic come from the adwords, and also from other channels , therefore, the traffic for the selected keywords on the homepage is very little. ”

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The top keywords in 2015: Google vs Baidu

“As usual, in the end of the year, it’s the moment to summarize.

Google has recently published the lists of the top keywords in 2015, meanwhile Baidu, the first search engine in China has also issued its  annual keywords trends for this year,whereas  the result is totally different.

Let’s look at the difference between the 2 giants.”

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The Singles’ Day : from a social culture event to be China’s e-shopping festival

“November 11th is the singles’ Day in China. As 11/11 contains four “ 1” which resembles an individual that is alone, so we name it the Singles’ Day.

Meanwhile, the singles’ Day is also a e-shopping day since 2009. You should be so courious, how do a social event become a commerial marketing tactic? ”

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Shopping search engines : a new market for SEO in China ?

“shopping search engine is the tool for helping you to search specifically for products to buy from online merchants. There is several shopping search engines in chinese market, such as and . They typically provide features different from regular search engines such as price sorting, showing product availability and merchant ratings.”

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