China Search Engines

When we talk about the SEO in China, we should firstly focus on the Chinese search engines in the market.

In China, for some raison, Google is blocked since 2010, as a result, the Chinese people can not use Google unless using a VPN, the market share of Google is very tiny .

The domestic Chinese search engines take the opportunity to develop. Today, in China serach engine market, we have 3 geants which are : Baidu, 360 so, and Sogou. We give you below a market share graph to show you how the 3 search engines perform in Chinese serarch engine markets.



From this table, we can see that Baidu is always the first search engine in China with a market share of 56,33% . 360 haosou comes up with a rapid growth between 4 years, and Sogou occupe also 12,75%  which is also a huge market scale as China has 680 millions internet users.


All the 3 search engines are totally Chinese language supported, what is a challenge for the foreign company which want to enter Chinese market , we consider you to contact a specialized Chinese SEO agency to help you.

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