The Singles’ Day : from a social culture event to be China’s e-shopping festival

“November 11th is the singles’ Day in China. As 11/11 contains four “ 1” which resembles an individual that is alone, so we name it the Singles’ Day.

Meanwhile, the singles’ Day is also a e-shopping day since 2009. You should be so courious, how do a social event become a commerial marketing tactic? ”

What is singles’ day?

November 11th is the singles’ Day in China. As 11/11 contains four “ 1” which resembles an individual that is alone, so we name it the Singles’ Day.

The most acceptable guessing about the origin of the Singles’ Day is the issue of the Nanjing University’s dorm culture. In 1993 at a dorm called “名草无主’’ ( we are all single men) at Nanjing University , the 4 students talked about how to find a girlfriend every night before sleeping for a long time. During their little talks, they came up with the idea of organizing some activities on the upcoming November 11th to know somes girls. Since then, those activities organized on November 11 were widely spread to many other universities and then, the culture was brought to the whole society.

The Singles’ Day are regarded as an occasion for single people to party with single friends. Nowadays, the singles’ day is widely celebrated by both genders . Because of the large amout of single people and the power of social media, the singles’ day has been largely popularized in the internet era and is now observed by youth in several regions outside China as well.

What is the relationship between the Singles’ day and Alibaba?

On 11th 2009, Alibaba firstly made this year’s singles day as the festival for e-commerce. The concept is quite intelligent: as the singles are alone, they would not like to go cinema or go shopping in the street like the couples, why not stay in home and shopping for themselves on-line?

Based on the large amount of singles in the society and the internet culture effect on the young single , Alibaba ‘s marketing campaign has successfully integrated the e-commerce festival into the concept of singles day and promoted directly the booming of China E-commerce industry. Since then, singles’ day or “double 11’’ become the synonym of e-shopping festival. As the pioneer, Alibaba group even got the term “double 11″ been trademarked in 2012.



This photo gives us a clear appearance about the increasing trends of china’s e-shopping festival since 6 years. In 2012, the global sales on ”double 11” firstly passed the records of US cyber Monday and it continues increasing year by year.

This year, on 11 Novembre 2015, Alibaba has launched a television show that combines the traditional communication channel TV with the new media – internet, to celebrate in title of “double 11 carnaval’’  . Hunan TV channel –the most influential Chinese TV channel has broadcasted Alibaba’s 3 hours’ TV show and contributed unbelievably a big sales for Tmall platform. In just 34 minutes, the sales exceeded 20 billion yuan , in totally, they recorded at 91,2 billon this year, a new record again!

We have to see that Alibaba group is good at markeing , taking advantage of the famous singles day as the entry port and created a totally new event for e-commerce, which is really admirable.

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