Why we are called SEOWUKONG?

history-seowukong-englishSEOwukong is homophonic of  sunwukong, in Chinese pronunciation, SEO is similar to  sun

Sunwukong is also called monkey king. It’s a character in the novel  “journey to the west” – one of the four masterpieces in China.

He is resourceful, clever and  agile, he has numerous skills, he helped his master monk tang in conquering all the challenge and finally retrieved the scriptures.

Therefore, the Monkey King is considered as the symbol of capability, he has the ability to adapt to different environment and he is capable to tackle all the difficult issues . We appreciate the spirit of monkey king and want to be the monkey king in the field of SEO , that is why we give us the Chinese name SEOwukong

There are 3 characteristics of sunwukong that we do appreciate.

  1. Horizons : just a somersault cloud , sunwukong can move from one corner of the world to another ,  realizing the real  international crossing without borders. We aim to supply the SEO service to international company, our intercultural vision will be the advantage to help our clients to open the international markets.
  2. Flexibility and adaptability: sunwukong is famous for his superior sensitivity and resilience, he can quickly adapt to the changes in the environment, make adjustments according to  the situation . SEOWUKONG is exactely a company that has the feature of flexibility and adaptability, our service is tailored, our intercultural  team is the advantage for you to develop the international market
  3. Innovation: Sunwukong has 72 techniques , by which he can solve all the troubles faced. He is good at problem- solving.  With SEOWUKONG, whatever the problem that you face, we can give you the appropriate solution . We are innovative, we have also 72 techniques to different projets.

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