SEO strategy

Our mission is to help you to increase the visibility of your brand in chinese search engine.Based on our experenced skills on chinese search engines. We could give you the right direction to go on.We can offer you a strategy on SEO projet which should be relevant to your companay culture , your goal and your limits.


SEO Technical Audit

The algorithms of baidu are different from the googles’.We can help you to understand the factors that matter on Baidu , Such as the baidu indexation, the baidu robots and the baidu’s page rank .The technique SEO will permit you have a global view of your important point about your website.

Website' structure and landing page

The structure of the website can affect seriously the result of search engine.Due to the difference of culture, language and searching method, the structure for the chinese site should be designed in the way to be harmonic with « chinese style ». We have a specifique method called « the triology » to do that .


Keywords analysis

We use several efficient tools to collect keywords data from the principal chinese search engine such as Baidu and 360 haosou .With the accurate keyword data available, We can enumerate the trends, the difficulty of the optimization about the keywords . And give you a intelligent technique for the choice of the keywords.


Monitoring and support

We offer the monitoring and support service in order to establish a long term relationship with the client; We help you to analyze the changes made in days , we do the report, and identify new opportunities for you.


Netlinking and virtual credibility

The credibility is one of the most important factor that affect the result of search engine.We know how to use the chinese social medias like weibo, wechat to increase your popularity.We can also find the qualified extern link to increase your reputation with baidu.

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