Wechat: from emotional to commercial


“Wechat is a famous chinese social media, with a huge users and high popularity, wechat is becoming more and more popular not only in China but also in abroad.Wechat is a integrated platform, we can use it to communicate with the friends, we also use it to purchase , to promote and to advertise. What the change of wechat can bring for us today? ”  

What is wechat?

Wechat is a mobile application that allows users to connect with friends developed by Tencent in China,  first released in January 2011, by August 2015, wechat has over a billion created accounts, 600 million active users and 70 million outside of China.

Wechat is a free application and all the functions are also free but the internet flow fee will be charged by the mobile operator. With the great  multimedia database of Wechat we can send easily voice messages, video or image through the connection by the network connection and it support group chatting.

What can we do with wechat?

1, voice message one of wechat’ biggest invention is to send the voice message , its very useful when you want to leave a message in avoid of typing text, you just need to press the button of voice and keep it on when you are speaking, each time, you can speak at maximal of 60 seconds

2, video call Wechat allows users to make face-to-face video calls by  simply press + and select video call icon under the chat window , the process is just like dialing your contact in your cell phone’s contact book.

3, Group chat   you can chat in the same time with multiple person, you just need to choose the friends whom you want to join in the group chat and select the button  start chat. You add 40 members at maximum in the group chat section.

4, shake  You want to get some new friends on wechat but don’t know where to start? Shake your phone and see who are also shaking meanwhile , shakeis an interesting way to discover new users and corporate accounts by just few shak of your smartphone . it is also a dangeours function as the persons qre strangers.

5, moment  Moment is the function that we use the most, moment is a open-space between you and your friends, you can upload the photo or video to share your experienced “ moment’’ , your friends can exchange with you after having seen that. Different from facebook , on wechat moment , you can only see a part of your friends’ comments , those come from your commun friends.

For example:



Paul , Julie and leo are 3 friends, so they can see each other the contents shared on wechat moment. Peter is another friend of Julie, when Julie share a photo, peter and leo can see it, but peter would never know if leo liked julie’ s photo or not as there is no connection between leo and peter.

By that way, wechat moment is really a closed space between you and your friends. There is only the  friends in commun can participate in a social sharing activities. Due to this characteristics of wechat, we regarde it as a tool to manager the closed relationship different from weibo or facebook is a public plateform.


Wechat becomes more and more commercial

3 years ago, when we talk about wechat, we think directly the mobile application to communicate, at that period, we do appreciate the powerful function supplied by  wechat that allow us to contact and share our private life with the friends.

With the times going on , Chinese people’s commercial talent permit us to explore little by little the commercial potential of wechat and transformer it finally a payment tool and a e-marketing platforme: more and more people utilize wechat to promote their products , they often advertise on the “ moment’’ and invite their friends to share it. Actually, wechat supply also the public account targeting the company, the company can register an account to do communication for itself, this phenomenon generate a new profession – weishang ( the merchant of weixin) they are either B to C just as a company account,either c to c as the people who advertise by the function fo moment.

Whatever the success they have obtained today, personnaly, I do not think it will continue for a long period.

Firstly, as the wechat is a closed platform, the visibility is limited , the potential audience can hardly be targeted.

Secondly, wechat’ is premierly a mobile commnucation application , the huge users are attracted by the aspect of user-friendly ,they consider wechat as an emotional hub with our families and friends.At the beginning, wechat  is really a communication tool that respects the user experience and insisted in improving the quality of their service, but after the function extension, wechat’ spirit has changed,

In fact, nobody wants to be “consummered”,once we recognize that the moment is no more a peaceful place to share the private life , but a commecial platform, I am afraid that there is still so many users to stay with wechat.

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